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Brian Rayve - FounderWelcome to the Aid For Philippines Facebook page! My name is Brian Rayve. I have been giving money to friends who live in Philippines since 2018. I do it because I believe in helping less-fortunate beings around the world, be they people or other of God’s creatures.

Originally, the money was used for educational, business, housing, medical, and daily living expenses. But when Covid 19 hit the World in 2019 and with the unusual number of typhoons in floods in 2020 and 2021 the number of requests I received for funds increased massively.

During the past 18 months, I have been in a life-or-death determining situation with several of my friends needing money that I simply do not have to give. I am a caring and loving person and would not want anyone to be in such a position of deciding who lives and who dies! It is absolutely horrible!

So recently I realized that I cannot do this alone. Therefore, I am reluctantly asking for your assistance.

Now I am not a rich man and have encountered struggles in my life that have delayed me in achieving my peak in life. But that is the subject of my upcoming autobiography I will be releasing later this year. And I am not complaining or playing the “pity card” either. I just try to be a realist.

So I have started this charity called “Aid For Philippines” to alert people to the struggles and hardships of my friends in the Philippines. And I hope that I can get donations to help them with their struggles.

Now I have not yet formed an official non-profit charity but I will be doing so in the near future. But I can assure you that all donations will go to my Filipino friends to help them survive. And I will pay the taxes due on donations received prior to formalization of the non-profit status.

So my friends, please consider giving a one-time or monthly amount so that my Filipino friends do not continue to suffer. You can donate here:

I will be posting a monthly accounting of funds received and how those months are dispensed on this website.

Thanks for your kindness and generosity.

Brian Rayve

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P.S. You can message me using Messenger at: https://m.me/inventionpatenting

Please consider donating what you can.

Brian Rayve

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